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Assignments and Grading

Grading center

The software helps you keep all grades organized. The students will see their grades directly from the website. You will not need to send them grades through emails.

The software supports the creation of questions and exams, distribution of assignments to students, administration of online assignments, and administration of grading jobs.

Exam questions and problems

Each assignment can have a diverse set of problems. The problems can be multiple choice, short answer, programming assignments, or the problems that request essay type answers. The last category is the only one that can't be auto-graded.

The software lets you use random parameters. This makes it easy to give different versions of exam questions to different students. Instead of making the question that asks the students to calculate \(\frac{7+11\cdot 8}5\), you can replace the numbers \(7\), \(11\), \(8\), and \(5\) with parameters \(\alpha\), \(\beta\), \(\gamma\), and \(\delta\). Then you can define the acceptable random values for these parameters and let the program randomize the exams.

Exam solving

Auto grader

The program is able to look at the submissions from students and identify and grade the problems that can be auto-graded. These problems include multiple choice and short answer questions, as well as programming assignments in C++, Assembler, and Python. For programing questions you need to specify the test cases and provide your solution. The code of the students is then executed on the given test cases. The results are compared to the results that the official solution generated. The programs that students make are executed in separate Docker containers. You don't need to worry that the security of your server can be compromised or that the performance can be affected by harmful code.

Integration with in-person classes

Built-in latex support can turn the online tests into pdf files that can be printed and given as traditional exams. You can still grade the exams on the website, and once the grades are ready, you can let the students access them through the website.