GY Tables

Tables and spreadsheets with C++.

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  • Notes and books in HTML and LaTeX;
  • Online and in-person courses;
  • Forums to communicate with participants;
  • Courses, students, instructors, and TAs: all at one place.

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  • Code autograder. Currently supported languages: C++, Python, and Assembler;
  • Autograder for bubbles and short questions;
  • Random parameters in questions;
  • Feedback for individual questions;
  • Anonymous grading, team grading, self grading, and peer grading;
  • Integration with in-class paper exams.

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  • GradeYard is free and open source;
  • \(\$80\)/year should be sufficient for domain name and a server rental from a cloud hosting provider.

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Suggested method

Follow the instructions to prepare the server and download and install the system.