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Content Creation

The Grade Yard system is designed to manage the course material, assignments, grades, and students as components of your personal website. Everything will blend into a uniform online experience. Your publicly available content will be displayed to outside visitors as a responsive mobile friendly site. Your students will use the same site to read class notes, submit assignments, and check grades. The grading is done directly on the website. The software will collect and organize the submissions from students. Then you can use the autograder to do some (or all) of your work.

Permission management with graphs

Access to every document is controlled by permission tokens. Different categories of users are then given these tokens.

Here is a simple example. Imagine that we made these tokens: students, students2021, students2022, TAs, TAs2021, TAs2022, and instructors. You can build the hierarchy among tokens as shown in the next graph.

Now, let us assume that you figured out how to wear a hat so government can't read your mind. You write a text with detailed explanation of your discovery. Of course, you can't share such document with everybody. But you want all of your students to know about it. You will then assign the permission students to this document. Then all of your students can read the document and stay safe. In addition, all of your TAs will be able to read it!

However, there are some documents that you want only TAs to read. You want to keep students away from something like midterm2022Draft. This is when you assign the permission TAs2022. Only the TAs who are given the token TAs2022 will be able to see this particular midterm draft.

Math formulas and text formatting

The notes and books can use MathJax for LaTeX formulas and the formatting features provided by Bootstrap.

Below you will see one example that shows how the math books can be written using this content management system.