2. Domain Registration

Domain purchase

  • Go back to the browser and access the AWS Management console. Find the link Register a domain with Route 53.
  • Choose a domain name. This is a time to be creative. You are picking a domain name that you will keep for long time. Make sure you choose something you will like. Also, you have to choose something that is available.
  • Once you chose a name that is available, you can click on the button Continue at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill out your contact information. Make sure you put correct information, otherwise you are braking some rules and you can face serious consequences. If your domain becomes a very successful and expensive website, you may loose everything just because you lied on this form. You can (and should) choose privacy protection so others cannot easily find your personal data.
  • Check your email. An email verification has to be completed before you can get your domain.
  • In at most three days you will get your domain. Hopefully it will not be that long. Usually it will take one to two hours to get the domain. Your request will be labeled as Pending during this time.
  • Go to Route 53 control panel and click on Registered domains. If your domain appears in the list, then the registration is successful.

Connecting the domain to the server

  • Adding static IP.
    • User your browser to access the management console and the administration page of your instance.
    • Click on Networking.
    • Click on Create Static IP.
    • Select your instance from the menu. Very likely you have only one instance that you could possibly select.
    • Choose some name and click on the button Create
    • On the next page you will see the new IP address of your instance. Let us assume it is 55.666.77.88.
  • Open the terminal. If your old ssh session is still open, then you need to close it. Do this by typing exit in the terminal. This session was open with the dynamic IP address that we called 11.22.333.444 in this tutorial.
  • Type the SSH command with the new IP address.
    ssh mprogrammer@55.666.77.88
  • Soon we will use the name of the website instead of these numbers.

Connecting the domain name to this new static IP

  • Use the web browser to access the administration page of the Route 53 service.
  • Click on the link Hosted zones. It is located in the Dashboard on the left near the top.
  • In the main window you will see a table. Click on the blue link that contains the name of your domain.
  • Click on the yellow button Create record.
  • Choose Simple routing, leave Record name empty, select Record type A and in the field Value put the static IP address.
  • Click on Create records.
  • Click on the yellow button Create record again. Fill it in the same way as before except that this time the field Record name should not be left blank. It should be filled with the word www.
  • Wait for a couple of hours before the relationship between your domain name and the static IP address is properly established on domain name servers. This will usually take one to two hours.