4. Addministration Using Commands


The administrator manages the website by issuing commands. Actually, issuing commands is the only way to communicate with the website. If you looked at the instructions on previous pages, then you have issued many commands to the website without being aware of doing so. Each command has the name (also known as type) and parameters.

By clicking on the button commands you are given an empty command form. It starts with the tag _command_ and ends with _/command_. The arguments must be placed between tags _nc***_ and _/nc***_.

Pre-filled commands

On the commands page you will see a lot of buttons above the input field in which the command is to be entered. By clicking on one of the buttons, you will get the command form pre-filled with the command name and the correct number of tags for the arguments. Often, you will have comments on what should be the arguments.

Some simple commands are modifyText, createText, and deleteText. The command deleteText has only one argument: the name of the text to be deleted. The command modifyText has an additional argument: the content of the text that should be replacing the existing text.

Text edit

The edit of the pages of the website is achieved with the command modifyText. However, this command rarely has to be called from the page commands. If by visiting any of the pages, you decide that you want to make a change, you can simply click on the button edit. This button will pre-fill the modifyText command with the correct name of the page and the current text that is in the database. You then need to make modifications to the current text.

Advanced text edit

Every text in the database has two parts: system data and text data. The text data is the main document that is displayed. The system data is not displayed. It contains the information that only the administrators can see (and edit). It contains the information about the time that the page was created, the time it was last modified, the name of the user who created the page, the name of the user who modified it, the type of the text (regularText, problem, systemText), and the permissions and rules about who is able to see the page.

Main text data is placed between the tags


The system data is placed between the tags


If these four tags are missing, then the modifyText command will assume that the system data should not be changed, and the only changes are to the main text data.

If you want to edit the system data as well, then you can click on the button advanced instead of clicking on the button edit. The modifyText text command will be pre-filled with the entire content of the database. This will include both system data and text data.